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SSD drive?


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It states that because "it's supposed to run TRIM" on an SSD drive. Problem is it will sometimes detect the drive incorrectly thinking it's an HDD (see other posts on the forum about that) and instead do an actual defrag of the drive. SSDs of old this would be very bad news on them, especially in low capacity sizes.

With modern enough SSDs from well known reputable brands with a high enough SSD DWPD and TBW values it's not good for them but also shouldn't kill them outright.

Windows via it's automatic maintenance/Optimize Drives will run TRIM (making 3rd party defrag tools unnecessary to use on an SSD drive) and Windows will also occasionally defrag an SSD because even on flash based storage fragments can become too numerous and will eventually cause issues.

Windows Optimize Drives is however not that useful on HDDs if you're looking for a better more thorough defrag which in turn means a much more time consuming defrag (could take hours, or even days depending upon drive capacity and the fragmentation level), that's were a 3rd party defrag tool is still necessary if that's what you want to achieve.

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