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i5-12600K Reported Information is wrong


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Guest johnccleaner

That does appear to be approximately the correct speed based on the bus speed times the multiplier (I got 3681.5, but suspect there's a slight bit of rounding involved somewhere).

Please save a Speccy Snapshot via File > Save Snapshot... in Speccy, as well as a screenshot or similar report of the higher reported clock speed, then contact our support team via the Contact Us form located here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=86507 or by emailing support@ccleaner.com directly, including this Snapshot with the message, and we'll be happy to look into this matter further. 

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On 29/07/2022 at 07:29, brendenjacobson said:

My cores are not running at 3.6GHz. The first 6 are really running at 4.5 to 4.9

can i ask you something?

laptop or desktop?

power plan settings? balance or top performance?


need your pc really 6 cores x 2 = 12 threads x 4,9 ghz highspeed of "performance cores"? and 4 x 3.6 ghz of efficient cores?

this is a lot of computing power...

i dont know if hyperthreading is additionally to the real cores and ghz or not...

- > with top performance are this 58,8 ghz + 14.4 ghz = 73.2 ghz

-> with balance are this 44.4 ghz + 11.2 ghz = 55.6 ghz

without hyperthreading:

-> with top performance are this 29.4 ghz + 14.4 ghz = 43.8 ghz

-> with balance are this 22.2 ghz + 11.2 ghz = 33.4 ghz



performance core base - 3.7 ghz

performance core turbo - 4.9 ghz


efficient core base - 2.8 ghz

efficient core turbo - 3.6 ghz



Versions of CCleaner Cloud; Introduction Ccleaner Cloud;

Ccleaner-->System-Requirements; Ccleaner FAQ´s; Ccleaner builds; Scheduling Ccleaner Free


Es ist möglich, keine Fehler zu machen und dennoch zu verlieren. Das ist kein Zeichen von Schwäche. Das ist das Leben -> "Picard"

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