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SEARCH function always results in 'No Result'

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Good day to all of you, my name is Dennis !

I'm new on the forum. 

Lately I'm experiencing the following  issue with Defraggler Free v. 2.22.995.


Because I am organizing the files on my HD (like certain files to the end of disc), I would like to use the SEARCH function,

located at the lower section of Defraggler (Drive, File list, SEARCH, Drive map, ...

When selecting the SEARCH, tab there are the search parameters to be filled in.  Since I am searching for certain file types ,

fragmented or not, I check mark 'Filename contains' and 'Including non-fragmented files'.

'Filename contains':      For example    C:\Users\<user name>\Pictures\*.JPG      (recurse subfolders is being auto applied I think)

Becaue pictures (JPG format) are stored there, the result SHOULD BE that a graphical overview is given  of where those files are

located on the disc. 

But the results is     NO RESULT

No matter what folder/file type is being used for 'Filename contains': ... there is NO RESULT

Can anyone help me on this ???

Greetings Dennis

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It's something that I have never used before, giving it a quick try I see what you mean.

TBH I'm not sure if it is designed to restrict searches to a particular pathname rather than the whole drive, because there is another way to do what you are looking for:

  • Just use *.jpg and search the whole drive - it doesn't take long.
  • Then in the list of jpgs found highlight the ones in the required pathname. You can right click on any one in that pathname and 'Highlight folder' from the context menu that pops up.
  • Once highlighted it will show on the drive map where the highlighted files are located.
  • You can right-click again on any one of the highlighted fies to defrag or move them.
  • If you want to do more than one sub-folder/file, but not others, then you can 'Check Highlighted' and then go and highlight some others and 'Check' those as well, (or just click the checkbox for each file), then work with checked rather than highlighted files.

Have a bit of a play and you'll soon see how the highlighting and checking works.



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