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KB7GP Dave

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I use Vivaldi, Edge, and Chrome. At one time or another Kamo will pop up advising me to close and restart one of those browsers. This will also happen while I am in the browser it is advising me to close and restart to complete. It is driving me crazy. Seems every 5 minutes or so that popup shows itself.

Is there any way I can "mute" that notification pop up? 

Thank you any help.


Windows 10 latest updates on all.

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  • Admin

Hi @KB7GP Dave This doesn't sound quite right, can you please contact our support at support@ccleaner.com and to help us investigate further, can you send us the Kamo log file (ErrorLog_[date].txt) located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kamo\Support\Log ? If they exist, please also send the also send the following Kamo log files, which are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kamo:

  • debug.log
  • install.log
  • lil.log
  • lilApp.log
  • lilAppInitialize.log
  • lilPrivacyAppInitialize.log
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I found the three attached files. Was not able to locate these files in C:\Program Files (86):

debug.log,     install.log,     lilApp.log,     iliPrivacyAppinitialize.log

I can't seem to catch the splash screen for a "snip"... When I go to launch the app, the screen goes away.]

Dave KB7GP Robinson

ErrorLog_20220205_0.txt lil.log lilAppInitialize.log

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Guest MeganCCleaner

Hi @KB7GP Dave Thanks for providing the log files. We suspect this could be attributed to the "Browser cleanup" feature of Kamo.

To verify that, would you be willing to temporarily disable the "Browser cleanup" feature, using the following steps?

  1. Open Kamo > click on the "Browser cleanup" tile
  2. Click on the "MODIFY" button(s)
  3. Move the automatic cleanup switch to the left, to the "Off" position

Afterwards, please monitor the situation to see if you continue to receive frequent requests to close the browsers, or not.

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