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External drive drops offline

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My new laptop reads my external hard drive no issue but as soon as I get to select the location I want to search, Windows tells me the drive disconnected and of course Recuva does not see it.  I have tried with all the USB ports on 2 different computers.  Does anyone have an idea?


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Since you're on a laptop here's some things to try.

Power Options:
1. Make sure the laptop is plugged into the charger.
2. Go into Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > USB Settings > USB Selective Suspend Setting
3. Next to Plugged In select: Disabled
Doing this will make the laptop when plugged into the charger act like a Desktop PC when USB devices are attached.

If you have a powered USB hub that gets it's power from being plugged into the wall use it for plugging in the drive. Some external/portable disks (even some 2.5 inch variants) will disconnect even if plugged in directly to a laptop or a USB extension cable.

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