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Potential Scam-type link


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I was googling for Recuva and google recommended me this advertisement.

The title says Recuva, but is actually the website for AnyRecover. I'm assuming the two companies are unrelated, and if so, isn't this kind of using the Recuva name as clickbait to get people to use their software instead? 


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Those titles are put there by Google not by the software company.

The dash shows that it's simply google offering you something that is in some way related to your search term, but isn't actually your search term.

In your case google is showing you some other recovery software because they are being paid to advertise it.
(Which is why it also says "Ad" before the URL).

 An Adblocker extension for you browser would stop those google ads from being shown.

This is similar but you wouldn't accuse Wiki of trying to pass itself off as Recuva would you?


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