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problem with defragmenting

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It is not a problem that needs fixing, that is in fact a common message to get when doing a file defragment.
Mine actually says - "Some files were not defragmented", see the screenshot below.

Most files have been defragmented but there are a few that couldn't be.

If you look at the file list you will see that most of them now are in 1 piece, but there are a few that are still fragmented.
Tip- Close the warning to scroll up and down the filelist to find what wasn't defragged.

Or if you run another analyze it will just list which files are still fragmented; these are usually certain system files and/or Windows Defender logfiles, although I'm not sure just what they would be on an external drive.
Usually they have not been defragged because they are protected files or because they had been used/changed since you anaylzed.

PS. I'm assuming this is a hard drive connected by USB and not a USB Flash Drive/'Memory stick'?
There is no need to defrag solid state media. (In fact Windows 10 own defragmenter will not let you do it).

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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