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Long lag between posting and viewing them

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I thought my comments were being filtered or censored. I make a post and sign out. I return again, say, I forgot to write something. And my post isn't there. 

Additionally, should I edit my comments, the original post remains should I exit. 

I think this should be remedied because commenters may make duplicate posts because they may not be aware there's a filter or system issue.


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Although it's not been seen much here, this is a current problem with the underlying Invision software that the forum runs on.

It's being particularly bad on another forum I visit regularly; and as you predict has resulted in multiple duplicate posts being made over there.

It seems to be a problem with the Invision servers, we had a number of Invision server outages here last week which are probably related.

Invision are looking into why it is happening.

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