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Reason "The device is not ready"


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No file can be recovered by Recuva and the reason stated at the end of the process is "The device is not ready".

Is this sentence related to the whole laptop or just to the drive/card on which I'm trying to recover the files?

The problem is detected only by Recuva since all cards and drives are working well and can be explored.

How to solve the problem?

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This is from a few years ago but may help?


On 21/08/2016 at 21:15, razamatraz said:

What I have found is that if the source drive goes to sleep after the scan is completed it will always give you the device not ready error even if you have awakened the drive.

This is a problem with scans that take hours as most people leave and let the computer run.

The only solution I've found is to rerun the scan and recover files as soon as it finishes before the drives have a chance to sleep.

In theory you could also go into power management and set the computer to never put the drives to sleep, or set it to a long sleep timer so you don't miss it.


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