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ccleaner wrongly nagging about suspected commercial use

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Since some releases I always see a popup from ccleaner on machine start that says "suspected commercial use", where there is abosuletely none, I don't even known how ccleaner tries to do this check. Yes it's a Windows 10 Pro license and I do have a domain network at home because I'm an IT professional and also some developer software which I use for my own personal pet projects which are not commercial, published or sold in any way not even as freeware or open source. For work I use another computer from my employer that is connected to same network but there I didn't install ccleaner.

So in my eyes this is a bug in ccleaner as detection is clearly wrong and I cannot disable this nagging popup. If ccleaner doesn't improve this detection by either fixing it for "real" commercial use like a "enterprise windows version" or something or has an optional checkbox which says something like "confirm non-commercial use" to disable the nagging pop up I will simply uninstall it. Let's see if this is beeing fixed or not. But a software which is in need of a commercial use detection which is bugged and cannot be disabled has denied it's own right to further existence on my machine. So if this goes one for the next 1 or 2 relases it will be "bye bye ccleaner".



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Well actually yes, I just read in the thread liked there that there are different pop-ups. Mine is really saing "commercial use suspected" instead of just the usual awareness pop-up. I guess I'll write to the support e-mail inked by you

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