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Why are you bundling your install with SpyWare?

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I just installed the latest version of your CCleaner and it installed spyware on my PC without my permission.

I have an uninstaller, REVO, that I used to remove your bundled SpyWare - Google Chrome.

Why do you think you have the right to install that product on my PC without asking my permission?

WISECARE would NEVER do s**t like that!!!!


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Having had an unwanted Chrome install myself in the past I sympathise.

I should point out that Chrome is not 'spyware'. (Yes, I know the arguments).

The request for permission to install it is there in the CCleaner installer, but the pre-ticked box is easy to miss if you are not looking for it.
(Always read everything on any installer page before clicking the button).

We have campaigned for a number of years to have this pre-ticking of offers removed and have had partial sucess with Avast and Piriform offers which now have a much clearer offer which is now on a seperate page in the install process, and not pre-ticked.

However, I (and other mods) agree with you that the bundled offer for Chrome still being presented somtimes on the initial installer screen, and still pre-ticked, is not acceptable.

We particulary don't like the way that Piriform clearly announced with v5.64 that:
"Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are now presented in a separate step in the installer "
"Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are no longer checked by default "
but totally neglected to warn users that the Chrome offer was still as it was on the initial page, and still pre-ticked.

And have told then so.

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