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Upgraded to CCleaner Pro on Mac and now it just hangs on cleaning 0%

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I recently upgraded to CCleaner Pro for Mac as i have multiple sign-ons that need cleaning simultaneously. Since the upgrade, I have been unable to get CCleaner to even start a cleaning. The screen hangs at 0% completed and never moves. I"ve removed all other profiles so it is only cleaning the currently signed on profile, with the same issue.

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I am very interested by the solution here:

Same issue since 0ct 2019 no support, licence paid for Pro but unable to use v1.17.603 on Mac Os catalina 10.15.3

First I had some support..(in fact i had to provide all the log data i could provide to help them understand why it didn't work)

Then support  ends with this message:

xxxxx (Piriform Support) 

Oct 28, 11:xx EDT 

Hi Sébastien,

We're now receiving an increasing amount of reports about CCleaner crashing in macOS Catalina, and we greatly appreciate you for providing us with these resources because these crash reports will be helpful to our development team during their investigation of this.

In any situation, our development team has now confirmed that there are known compatibility issues between CCleaner and Catalina, therefore our official stance is that the new Mac OS is not yet supported by our app.

We are however actively working on investigating these problems, although we do not currently have an estimation as to when we will be able to make everything work correctly.

Considering this, should we issue a full refund for your purchase?

(Alternatively, we could put your license on hold so that when the app will function correctly on Catalina in the future, you can activate your license at that time, and use it for the entire annual licensing period)


xxx xxx | Piriform Support - San Antonio, Tx

Product Docs: http://www.piriform.com/docs 
Help Center: http://support.piriform.com

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I just updated CCleaner to Professional. But it will not launch on my MacBook Pro (Catalina 10.15.3). 

Apparently the Pro app is supposed to self-update.... But mine has not updated.

If you have no fix, please refund my purchase price

MacDonald Moore

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sinds a week cleaner doesn't work properly.

the screen hangs on 0% by analyse or start cleaner. I have paid for pro version.

If no proper answer comes, i won't renew my license.

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I have two Mac's, a MacBook Pro 15" 2015 - and a 13" MacBook Pro 2017). On the 15" MacBook Pro, CCleaner hangs at 0% when doing analyze or clean. Tried uninstalling and re-installing, but same issue. CCleaner does run on the 13" MacBoook Pro.

Both runs MacOS 10.15.4

Any suggestions on how to enable CCleaner on the 15" MacBook Pro - note CCLeaner has worked fine until recently - possibly failing after the latest MacOS update






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And .. a minut after posting the above - I found a solution. I reset CCleaner settings to default, and it works..

Give that a try..


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