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why does ccleaner report that IE and edge have cookies?  I have cleared them all using ccleaner.  I do not use IE or EDGE yet next time ccleaner runs it tells me they have cookies.

cc cookies.doc

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Other things than IE and Edge themselves use their storage space, and can put cookies there.
For example Skype among others uses IE storage, Cortana is one that uses Edge storage, as do some 'live' tiles such as weather apps, etc. that change all the time.

There is also a permanent IE cookie named 'deprecated.cookie' which if deleted Windows will automatically recreate, so you will always see that one.
It just contains a message for developers that simply says "Cookies are no longer stored in files.  Please use Internet*Cookie* APIs to access cookies."
(If you use Custom Clean you can tell CCleaner to ignore it, but you don't have that option with Easy Clean/Health Check so they will always find it everytime).

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