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Monitor Resolution Disparity

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Hi, I am hoping someone here may be able to advise me on this:


The listed monitor runs a native 3840x2160 resolution. I currently have mine set up in NVIDIA Control panel as DSR x 1.78 - 5120x2880. Speccy is reporting as above - current relolution 1707x960. What does this mean? Has the resolution of my very expensive monitor tanked?

Thanks in advance,



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If you look at the numbers there it has your monitor width and height correct to your NVIDIA settings, 5120 x 2880.

Then looking at the reported current resolution in relationship to that:
5120 / 1707 = 3; and 2880 /  960 = 3

(The Work Resolution is smaller in the second figure, at 920, because 'Current Resolution' includes the taskbar (40 pixels) while 'Work Resolution' doesn't).

So your Current/Work resolutions are a factor of 3 smaller than your monitor settings.

1770 x 960 is a pretty standard resolution for Desktop Wallpapers, if you have an image of that size for your desktop wallpaper then Windows will/should set the Desktop to that resolution. Which is what Speccy is reporting, your current desktop resolution.

If you launch something that uses a higher resolution, eg, a graphics programme or a Hi-res Game, then that should then use the higher settings (or whatever you have set for that programme).

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