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The application Recuva has quit unexpectedly

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Hi all,

I've downloaded Recuva and am experiencing the error "The application Recuva has quit unexpectedly" when I attempt to scan my drive. Details of the system etc as follows, I've also attached the dump file in the hope that this might be of some assistance.

OS: Win 10 Pro, build 18362
Drive: Microsoft Storage Spaces volume, NTFS, 10TB (NB: other drives of this type/format scan & recover fine)
File type(s) to be recovered: Mainly mp4 video files (4k video footage)
Recuva: v1.53.1087 64bit Portable (NB: Also tested with 32bit Portable version as well as the standard installer version)


More than happy to provide any additional details if needed, just let me know


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