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defraggler problems with ps2 games

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alright, so i already downloaded and defragmentated 12635123 games for my ps2 with defraggler, but, i downloaded MKA, i defragged it a million times, and it didn't work.

first of all it lasted 3 days, then i tried defragging the files only, and i did taht 3 times already, the game is still fragmented

what do i do?

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I'm sorry I don't quite understand a few things here.  What is MKA? Why are you defragging a PlayStation 2 drive, can windows even recognize the format of the drive?  Why do you have 12635123 games, there weren't anywhere that many PS2 games?

As I understand it, defragmenting large files such as those that make up games is difficult for a pc to do it because it needs a large of a free space in which to put it.

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