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MS Edge pre-launching, loading (W10 Home)

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Hello to all,

I am running CCleaner Professional (5.56.7144) in Windows 10 Home (1809, 17763.437), and CCleaner is saying I have to disable Edge pre-launching and pre-loading (yes, I would very much like to do that, since I don't use Edge). For help CCleaner loads the following webpage:


where it shows how to do the aforementioned pre-launching and -loading in the Registry (which I am familiair with). Other webpages show the same "tip" on how to do this.

However, there are no Registry keys




Does anyone knows how to solve this thing?

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Oh, and, dear people of CCleaner,

I have been using CCleaner Free for a long, long time and always found it a good program. So, as a way to support you, I bought the Professional version.

But I kind of missed the fact that it is a "subscription-based" and "one-year" buy, and I am not content about this. Call me old-fashioned, but I do not want to buy every year to have a program run. I want to buy for it and be able to run it as long as possible. So, next year I will not "renew" this "subscription" of CCleaner Professional.

I just wanted to add this.

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That page is giving some wrong information, and it's been complained about before yet it's still in that confusing state.

To get correct information and even instructions for a working .REG file you can make have a look at this topic on the forum:

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