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"drive Wiper" stopped working

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Perhaps one of the experts can help me with this issue:

I started Drive Wiper about 5 days ago to wipe an external harddrive completely clean with a 3 wipe application.

Unfortunately my Surface Pro 4 did an unexpected restart. When the system came back the wiping did not return.

I tried to start it again but the "wipe" button is greyed out and will not do anything.

Any advice for this newbie??

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Since it was interrupted by a restart it may have caused corruption on that external HDD. I've had that happen before because of a Windows crash while using another software, and basically I had to format the disk.

You may have to re-format that drive if it isn't being identified correctly or has other issues. It may also need to be done using Disk Management to create a new simple volume on the drive, etc. If you use Disk Management be careful using it, don't select any active system disk by accident.

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