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SSD Optimization


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Hello.  My understanding of the optimization in defraggler for SSD's is that it executes what the TRIM function does across the whole drive.


What I need to know is does it affect areas of the disk already taken care of by a drive's built-in trim function?  I am concerned that it is affecting areas of the drive already optimized by TRIM and that I am depleting the lifespan of the hardware.


Thank you.

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It probably has no, or very little, effect on the lifespan of the device. A retrim (which is what an SSD optimise is) will issue the same TRIM command to pages already trimmed, as NTFS - which issues the TRIM and retrim commands - has no knowledge of what pages have already been trimmed.

I would imagine that the SSD controller would recognise that a page has already been trimmed and ignore the retrim command for that page. A cluster which has had a successful TRIM executed against it does not have a physical page allocated to it so it's difficult to see how it could be trimmed a second time.

I've used the words probably and imagine as nobody here knows how the propietary software in SSD controllers works at this level of detail.

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