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CCleaner Pro "Lifetime" Licence - why has it expired?

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28 minutes ago, BuggedByRenewalPrompts said:

I am in the same situation. Purchased CCleaner when there was no mention of a time limit on the license. The license worked for years and then suddenly expired. I renewed at a sale price. Now I'm being harassed to renew at double the price paid less than a year ago. What a disreputable company.

You shouldn't have opted to pay for the renewal. I now realise it's nothing more than an irritation. Nothing happens if you ignore it. I've been getting the pop ups just this week but it happens quite regularly, They are very misleading as all you are being offered is automatic updates and free servicing. The product itself just continues working if you do nothing. Turn off automatic updates and ignore the pop-ups in future. I'm sure Windows will eventually get an update that prevents CC Pro working and you will have to decide then whether to subscribe or look for an alternative product but until then don't worry.

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