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32-Bit CCleaner Portable v5.45 Bug When GUI is Minimized

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If the Show CCleaner in the Windows Notification Area setting is disabled in CCleaner Portable v5.45 there is no CCleaner icon displayed in the system tray and no CCleaner application button displayed on the main taskbar when the CCleaner GUI is minimized.  As a result, the user is unable to re-open the interface or exit CCleaner.  I have a 32-bit OS and cannot confirm if this bug also exists in the 64-bit version of CCleaner Portable v5.45.

To reproduce the problem:

  1. Start CCleaner Portable v5.45 (I am using the 32-bit version)
  2. Disable Options | Settings | Show CCleaner in the Windows Notification Area (enabled by default)
  3. Click the Minimize ("-") button in the top right corner of the CCleaner interface

Result:  There is no icon in the system tray or application button on the taskbar and the user is unable to restore the CCleaner GUI and/or exit CCleaner.  Process Explorer shows that the ccleaner.exe process is still loaded into memory after the GUI vanishes.


Possible Solution:  When the Show CCleaner in the Windows Notification Area setting is disabled in CCleaner Portable, ensure that the CCleaner application button remains displayed on the taskbar (see image below) after the GUI is minimized so that the user still has the ability to Restore / Maximize / Close the application and terminate the CCleaner executable.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.14.2.13 * CCleaner Portable 5.45.6611

Edited by lmacri
Clarified that bug found with 32-bit version; 64-bit untested
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