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Latest Windows 10 update will not let Ccleaner run on startup

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Windows updated my rig last week with latest build- KB4338819 OS build 17134.165 and, true to form, it's just swiped away all my settings.

None of the programs I had running automatically on startup (Ccleaner, Malwarebytes, etc) will run at all, even though I have checked startup options in each program.

I now have to open each software and run it manually everytime I boot, which is a major hassle- especially with Ccleaner. I really enjoyed having it setup where it starts scanning automatically on startup and now, since this OS install, it's just not happening.

Can anyone help with this?

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g'day reginald and welcome to the forums.

I also got the .165 update this week, and also have CC and MBAM run at startup  and the update didn't effect those for me.
just lucky maybe.

I do remember an update in the past for Win10 that deemed some programs to be incompatible and required those to be updated.

have you tried reloading those effected programs?

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They have released another update, taking Windows 10 1803 up to build 17134.166.

Don't know if the fixes have anything to do with your particular problem, they seem to be more server and networking fixes?

But it is a bit unusual to put one out so soon after patch tuesday last week.



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