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I am running MAC OS 10.12.6 on a Macbook Pro, and I paid for the pro version of CC cleaner, which is 1.15.507, and it indeed asks for the password twice. Now as the other post suggested if you turn off both safari cookies, and the directory service cache it does not have the password nags. Which is an ok solution, but clean my mac 3 does not need those permissions, because it saves those permissions from when you originally set up the app. Not sure if this helps, just stating the obvious.


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if you're going to offer a product to a platform, you support that product, so I'm not offering any excuses but I suspect the proportion of Mac uses in the world versus the Windows community, then factor into that the proportion of those Mac users that have CCleaner, and I guess the level of importantance placed on this issue by the company is not to a satisfgactory level expected by it's user base.

then add to that the ongoing issues with the PC versions, I guess you could argue they have their hands full......
but as I say - that's no excuse.

and it takes 1 minute to jump on the forum and post some sort of official statement like "sorry about that, we are aware and will look into it".

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This is close to unacceptable Piriform, not only your arrogant support attempt going on for 3 months now, - keep your cookies under options, sure did so 3 months ago, told support so, twice as support have this action as the reason for the problem -  Now, as already mentioned above  - a product offered to a platform (OS X) MUST receive support- as you ask us to pay for your product! 

Clearly the build 1.15.507 has an error requiring password for OSX users which the previous version had not. Password required twice is not acceptable. So Piriform, how long must we wait before you confirm you actually want MAC users as customers? 

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First, for the user who has a relationship with, Andrei | CCleaner Support - London, UK, Please post his email.

Now the Bad News. July 24 2018 is a sad day for CCleaner Windows Free & Pro Users.

Your not going to like what Corporate will want in the next Mac CCleaner. 

All Avast Anti Virus versions  give you an option to uncheck Participate in the Avast Community & uncheck Participate in data sharing. Not CCleaner.

Release Notes Windows CCleaner July 24 2018 v545.661

 - Removed Windows.old cleaning rule 
- Fixed a crash in Disk Analyzer 
- Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements

What this really means, Avast changed Windows cleaning method and included a heartbeat method similar to data collection from Microsoft Windows Update.

CCleaner Windows now sends a heartbeat which reports up-to-date usage statistics to allow faster delivery of bug fixes & product improvements,

More details:


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I have been having the same "password required" issues since the last update.  Today I went to FileHippo and downloaded previous version 1.14..451 and started a scan.  It turns out that the older version found an additional 2.4 GB of crap to delete--crap that the latest version has not been deleting.  I'm guessing that the issue with the new version may be more than just a password request; I'm afraid that the latest version may not be adequately doing the job.    

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Good news your going to get your fix. The issue is Avast and their values. Avast on their first attempt at Windows CCleaner Version 5.33 was the Security Incident Hack. A failure, embarrassment.


Repeat last Piriform Version 114. First Avast Version 115.

July 2018 Windows CCleaner.  Sends a 12 hour heartbeat which reports up to date usage statistics to allow faster delivery of bug fixes & product improvements. Allow use data to be shared with 3rd parties for analytics purposes. Free version will Nag you to upgrade to Pro. So if your a freeloader, you can upgrade to Pro & still get to share your data, no nag.

Enjoy waiting for your fix. Next Mac Version 116 will share everywhere you go & every program you use and delete. Wise guys won't like it or use it. 66% will. Sorry its taking Avast a while to do this. I understand they have to get it right as it is a money maker for them. Selling Data is what everyone does now. 66% will buy the Pro Version. 33% won't buy or share. 

" It turns out that the older version found an additional 2.4 GB of crap to delete--crap that the latest version has not been deleting."

That's the beginning of you know what, they need that in your computer, to make it work for them. Cool if you not a wise guy. Avast is not interested in the wise guys using their product Free or Pro. 

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Good news Avast has removed the Windows CCleaner Version that the Public complained about (The missing Privacy Box to uncheck). Avast thanks for listening me in the Piriform Windows thread and to Martin Owner of gHacks Technology News for taking it Public, job well done. Now let's restore the faith in the Mac User. Your bad PR still is not fixed. Do we have to post at gHacks for Martin to write another article, its posted as August 1 2018.? Here's your 24 hour Notice. Then Mac Users, you know where to go for Service. We have to be the influence.


Could we get some Service for the Mac please?   Have them remove 115 immediately and roll back to 114.

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sadly that is not in our domain, we have no control or influence in such matters.

we bring to the Admins/Devs attention these issues then it's entirely in their hands to fix (or ignore as the case seems to be these days) these issues.

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We're in August now, nothing has changed. We still need to confirm the deletion of files (I have the Pro version...)
Asking for a password was never done prior to ~ May, so something happened after, let's say, April this year that is causing this to bug.

Can Piriform at the least let us now what they are doing about it to get it solved?
Or perhaps why they cannot solve this?

This 'option' is not noted in the commercial stuff, so people might to want to ask their money back...



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I have this same problem, when I use latest CCleaner update, on my iMac running High Sierra, with latest OS updates.

I've found a quick, much less frustrating work-around, instead of typing-in my iMac password, so many times, to allow the CCleaner to clean the caches on my iMac:

Start CCleaner.

Run the cleaner.

At each password window, disregard filling-in password, leave blank, and click cancel button. Repeat this twice, or each time the Mac wants your admin, password.

So that translates into: Click Cancel button twice, at blank password box, and CCleaner cleans the caches, (quite quickly on my iMac).

Easy way to see CCleaner is working:

Wait until after first run through, not filling in password and hitting Cancel button, leaves you at results window. Double click on any folder listed and then copy the route Cleaner used to clean that cache. Then go to Finder, click or type in your main HD, and follow-out that routing, to the cache itself, and you'll see, it was cleaned out.

I recheck this routing out, once per week or more, and Cleaner is still working in this latest version! (Though I will admit having to click the cancel button, twice or more, just to get CCleaner to do its cleaning rightly, instead of just hitting the main Cleaner button once, and it working the way it should, IS a real hassle. However, I will admit, until CCleaner experts, find the problem and correct it, then give us customers a patch update that fixes this problem, that clicking the cancel button twice, so fast, doesn't take up much time!)

This is the only way I've found, to make this latest version of CCleaner, actually clean the caches on my iMac. Hope this helps-out other Mac users somehow, running CCleaner App. 


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On 26/05/2018 at 15:56, uuu said:

Problem 1: Password Nag .  CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Exact same reported above with debut of 1.15.507 issue constantly asking for Password. Then does it again. CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Happens every session & attempt.

Problem 2: Safari Nag. With Safari closed, and never opened this week.Safari needs to close down an internal process it will restart after. Do you wish to continue? Cleaning, reveals Safari -Session 0KB. Happens every session & attempt.

Exactly the same two problems - running Ccleaner version 1.15.507 on OS X El Captain 10.11.6 on Macbook Pro

I used the Piriform online email form to notify them - but I won't hold my breath.

In the meanwhile I have used user "LostSoulHelp" URL to download the previous version (which had neither of these bugs) and will be using it after uninstalling version 1.15.507

Maybe Piriform are intentionally putting out "crippleware" to have users upgrade to the paid version?

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So I have had an official reply from

"Thank you for your email, and I am sorry you are having trouble with CCleaner for macOS.

Please allow me to clarify that this is the expected, and largely unavoidable, behaviour in this version of the software, however. 

This occurs when you are Cleaning ‘Safari Cookies’, 'Logs' or ‘Directory Service Cache’, so if you have both of those rules checked when running a clean you will be asked twice to enter your password. We’re doing this so that we can clean things properly and thoroughly, as you’d expect from CCleaner

Previous versions of CCleaner for macOS would be unable to secure the needed administrator permissions to thoroughly clean these areas of the system due to not being able to ask for this password, due to recent changes in macOS' security policies.

Please note that this must be done in the case of the Safari Cookies even if Safari is not opened, due to the fact that these files are protected by the macOS operating system itself.

Unfortunately, as this is a response to changes made in the operating system itself, there is no way to 'fix' this, short of unchecking the Cleaning Rules that prompt this, which would then prevent CCleaner from being able to clean those areas of the system at all.

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help you out!


xxxxxxx | CCleaner Support - Tucson, AZ"


So in short, apparently previous versions of Ccleaner only "pretended" to clean 'Safari Cookies’, 'Logs' or ‘Directory Service Cache’ :(

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