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  1. Paul Piriform and Stephen Piriform, Thanks for listening, thank you. Sorry for ruffling you, all others failed. My idea is still valid to Mark Z, he can be a customer to Avast. He would be your biggest customer, clearly needs your Products. Could we please get some Service on the CCleaner Mac, 115 needs to be removed, has not work since May debut. Restore 114. Please service CCleaner Mac.
  2. Good news Avast has removed the Windows CCleaner Version that the Public complained about (The missing Privacy Box to uncheck). Avast thanks for listening me in the Piriform Windows thread and to Martin Owner of gHacks Technology News for taking it Public, job well done. Now let's restore the faith in the Mac User. Your bad PR still is not fixed. Do we have to post at gHacks for Martin to write another article, its posted as August 1 2018.? Here's your 24 hour Notice. Then Mac Users, you know where to go for Service. We have to be the influence. Mod's: Could we get some Service for the Mac please? Have them remove 115 immediately and roll back to 114.
  3. Sorry about that hazelnut. For those that don't know Hazelnut was here long before the Avast purchase, and Volunteers for free. Yep Martin figured it out, "Paul Avast", he gets the credit as the first to world wide post, wise guy right? Now were up to two sites and more coming. Question Paul Piriform: Why do you release versions, example: 543, 544, 545 & Mac 115 that don't work? If you run the program twice you'll know & see it does not work? You can't release versions that don't work since Martin snitched you. Cool if you get non-wise guys (66%) data and sell it, they are the careless fools you want as free loaders who don't buy your Pro Versions.
  4. Well said, CCleaner users are Power Users. The degree level of pulling a con on a wise guy is much more difficult. If fact impossible, after one wise guy who owns a Windows Review Site, snitched. Paul Piriform -real name "Paul Avast", thought he could trick Power Users, he did right in this thread, and then failed as Admin, to edit his sweet talk post. "Paul Avast" did't like my advice to save face he could still pull of the con on 66% if he re-adds back the uncheck boxes in 24 hours. Failed to hit the deadline. Paul your in a world of hurt. I have good news Mark Zuckerberg, will buy Avast for pennies on the dollar, now that your company has lost all creditable value. The damage is done, you ruined your investment & the Piriform name. This is no joke, can you imagine Mark Zuckerberg being your savior, telling the public what you did is wrong and as a service to the Public he is fixing you and adding Avast Free & CCleaner Free for all Facebook & Instagram Platforms imbedded . He really needs your product. Can you submit my commission please? Paul did you find what big name review site has exposed you? Better hurry or somebody will post it right in your Forums. Somebody also will write to CBS's 60 Minutes, amongst others. 60 Minutes has featured stories on analytics, they really think these stories are important to the world, letting people know about data thieves. I'm your friend. You OK buddy, you still working or did Avast say you can't post anymore? Avast bought Piriform & AVG.
  5. Dear Paul Piriform. First change your name you should be Paul Avast, be honest. Then you can save the Piriform name you paid so much for. If you continue to pose as Paul Piriform, people will dislike Piriform. Be Paul Avast and you can save face. Your being vague. Your not answering if your going to re-add all the boxes to uncheck. Address now, because your being bashed by Windows Review Expert Sites. If you don't nobody will even dare to come back. They will already have chosen a replacement they paid for. Avast Anti Virus gives us boxes to uncheck. if you want to run everybody off go for it, but don't forget to take the Avast uncheck boxes away also, play fair. You ran me off from Avast, as it constantly gave me Blue Screen of Deaths for awhile. I'd disable Avast having no Anti virus and I was safe. Paul thanks for the early warning with the BSOD's I predicted this day would come. But I'm not your problem, somebody else is and its bad. Do a Search and read what Windows review sites are saying & telling the truth, about CCleaner Windows whoops. Hint: I'd upload something with all the uncheck boxes right now. You ran me off from CCleaner Mac. Read the thread Paul, it don't work, and month by month go by and you do nothing. I warned you as a friend, months ago to pull it, you degrade my intelligence. Ran me off CCleaner Windows. Lost me three times. And I'm not even talking about CCleaner 5.33. I'm being polite. Remember. All your first editions are failures. Now the magic day has come, did you do an Internet Search & find it? That Free Publicity has ruined Avast. Yep and I warned you.
  6. Good news your going to get your fix. The issue is Avast and their values. Avast on their first attempt at Windows CCleaner Version 5.33 was the Security Incident Hack. A failure, embarrassment. https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2017/9/18/security-notification-for-ccleaner-v5336162-and-ccleaner-cloud-v1073191-for-32-bit-windows-users Repeat last Piriform Version 114. First Avast Version 115. July 2018 Windows CCleaner. Sends a 12 hour heartbeat which reports up to date usage statistics to allow faster delivery of bug fixes & product improvements. Allow use data to be shared with 3rd parties for analytics purposes. Free version will Nag you to upgrade to Pro. So if your a freeloader, you can upgrade to Pro & still get to share your data, no nag. Enjoy waiting for your fix. Next Mac Version 116 will share everywhere you go & every program you use and delete. Wise guys won't like it or use it. 66% will. Sorry its taking Avast a while to do this. I understand they have to get it right as it is a money maker for them. Selling Data is what everyone does now. 66% will buy the Pro Version. 33% won't buy or share. " It turns out that the older version found an additional 2.4 GB of crap to delete--crap that the latest version has not been deleting." That's the beginning of you know what, they need that in your computer, to make it work for them. Cool if you not a wise guy. Avast is not interested in the wise guys using their product Free or Pro.
  7. First, for the user who has a relationship with, Andrei | CCleaner Support - London, UK, Please post his email. Now the Bad News. July 24 2018 is a sad day for CCleaner Windows Free & Pro Users. Your not going to like what Corporate will want in the next Mac CCleaner. All Avast Anti Virus versions give you an option to uncheck Participate in the Avast Community & uncheck Participate in data sharing. Not CCleaner. Release Notes Windows CCleaner July 24 2018 v545.661 - Removed Windows.old cleaning rule - Fixed a crash in Disk Analyzer - Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements What this really means, Avast changed Windows cleaning method and included a heartbeat method similar to data collection from Microsoft Windows Update. CCleaner Windows now sends a heartbeat which reports up-to-date usage statistics to allow faster delivery of bug fixes & product improvements, More details:
  8. CCleaner Mac 1.15.507 High Sierra Problem 1: Password Nag . CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Exact same reported above with debut of 1.15.507 issue constantly asking for Password. Then does it again. CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Happens every session & attempt. Problem 2: Safari Nag. With Safari closed, and never opened this week.Safari needs to close down an internal process it will restart after. Do you wish to continue? Cleaning, reveals Safari -Session 0KB. Happens every session & attempt. Problem 3: CCleaner running extremely slower. Sure it may take awhile, because they don't check the Forum. But this totally unacceptable, on new Owner Avast. How can somebody be so lazy to not test their work? And not want to monitor their Forums? This should never happen. Just ruins the Avast name & CCleaner reputation. Nergal your a nice Volunteer who has been here before Avast, for years. They need to give you an better direct email contact, for embarrassing events, as this event has two easily verified documented problems.This version needs to be pulled ASAP, by Avast. I'd like to pull it, but then I get more nags saying my version 114 is out of date. I suggest Avast pull 115 immediately. Re upload 114 to save face. Don't let anybody get the 115 version. CCleaner 114 came out September 2016, this much time to verify a new version, rather simple run it twice and you'll know. Nine months and we get this. Luckily I saved my 114 version. Because all the Windows CCleaner users on every Forum are warning everybody be careful its just a matter of time before Avast builds the app to their advantage, such as the Privacy opt out of sharing usage data with third parties for analytics purposes enabled by default on Windows version. People want the Pro version left alone, do your Avast analytics on the Free version, you'll make more money. So sorry for a nasty reply, but come on, Avast people that write code, run the app twice please before you release it to the Public. Take care of Nergal and pay him.
  9. I have not used CCleaner's Registry option, and will not attempt any risk, with the changes Microsoft has made. I also am stopping use of other Software, users have stated result in reinstalls. (One report of an Anti Virus) In addition I am staying away from other Software, coming in touch with the registry, until I can read their release notes, stating Creators Update removed options resulting in reinstall. The problem people are having is with Redstone 2 Creators Update Build 15063, Official Released April 11 2017. Currently there is an option under Update History. Good News! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on the way, want to be one of the first to get it? Eventually the Creators Update will be forced. Piriform, needs to make adjustments, in reaction to Microsoft's Creators Update. They can test, isolate & find which checkmarks will result in a complete reinstalls. Those should be removed in reaction to Windows Spying/Creators Update changes. No reason to have those faults, now that they result in a complete re install.
  10. Users on other Forums are reporting, CCleaner Registry cleaning, ruins the Registry, requiring a clean Fresh Install of Windows. CCleaner is not the trouble maker, its Microsoft & Windows 10 having more Spying files linked to basic actions. When CCleaner touches Registry, Microsoft code sets trouble to ON, ruining your Windows 10 version. Also another Windows app, is also messing up Windows 10, requiring a clean Fresh Install of Windows 10. I'm sure all other Software apps touching Registry, will require a clean Fresh Install of Windows 10. Don't risk it. Mod's please alert Piriform to immediately remove the Registry cleaner, and issue a new version ASAP.
  11. Fixed, by rebooting computer. Windows 10. Engineering/Tech should look it why new interface install, needs a reboot.
  12. Is named ccsetup520.exe DId not Open or Run, Saved. Disabled Anti Virus. Verified in Task Manager. Ran as Administrator, Safe Mode, reboot. Downloaded multiple times from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge. Portable opens fine, prefer capabilities of installed version. Cleaned Temporary Internet Files. Been using for over 10 years, never had a problem before. Notice new 5.20 version has brand new installer interface! Press Blue Install, immediately goes to CCleaner v.520 Setup interface with one green bar, then nothing else happens.
  13. CCleaner v5.20 Setup won't install. New interface exe goes to one green bar than stops & freezes. Have to use Task Manager to end task. Portable v5.20 is fine.
  14. The Attached Thumbnails by trium, are for Windows, shows Google Earth, in Windows, Aplications applys a box to check if you want it cleaned. In Windows when you use both Google Earth, & Google Earth Pro, it shows in Applications, as "Google Earth." and trium's registry Attacthed Thumbnails, is for Windows. Works in Windows, not Mac. In Mac, Google Earth, applys the entry box in Applications, when only opening Google Earth. Google Earth Pro, when opened does not apply the box, fails to make a Google Earth entry. Before Google Earth was free, the same Mac problem existed. I will be using Piriform Mac competitors until this bug is fixed. The last Mac CCleaner version 1.09.313 was Sept 16, 2014. Now that Google Earth Pro is free, should this thread be expedited & moved to CCleaner for Mac or CCleaner Bug Reporting? I know the Moderators read, few post. I hope somebody has brought this to the proper attention to correct.
  15. WIndows CCleaner in Applications, cleans both Google Earth & Google Earth Pro. In Windows it identifies both as Google Earth in its Applications. But in Mac Cleaner in Applications it only cleans Google Earth. Google Earth Pro is unable to be identified in Applications for cleaning Could Mac Cleaner be given the ability to identify Google Earth Pro to Applications cleaning?
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