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  1. Paul Piriform and Stephen Piriform, Thanks for listening, thank you. Sorry for ruffling you, all others failed. My idea is still valid to Mark Z, he can be a customer to Avast. He would be your biggest customer, clearly needs your Products. Could we please get some Service on the CCleaner Mac, 115 needs to be removed, has not work since May debut. Restore 114. Please service CCleaner Mac.
  2. Good news Avast has removed the Windows CCleaner Version that the Public complained about (The missing Privacy Box to uncheck). Avast thanks for listening me in the Piriform Windows thread and to Martin Owner of gHacks Technology News for taking it Public, job well done. Now let's restore the faith in the Mac User. Your bad PR still is not fixed. Do we have to post at gHacks for Martin to write another article, its posted as August 1 2018.? Here's your 24 hour Notice. Then Mac Users, you know where to go for Service. We have to be the influence. Mod's: Could we get some Service for t
  3. Sorry about that hazelnut. For those that don't know Hazelnut was here long before the Avast purchase, and Volunteers for free. Yep Martin figured it out, "Paul Avast", he gets the credit as the first to world wide post, wise guy right? Now were up to two sites and more coming. Question Paul Piriform: Why do you release versions, example: 543, 544, 545 & Mac 115 that don't work? If you run the program twice you'll know & see it does not work? You can't release versions that don't work since Martin snitched you. Cool if you get non-wise guys (66%) data and sell it, they are
  4. Well said, CCleaner users are Power Users. The degree level of pulling a con on a wise guy is much more difficult. If fact impossible, after one wise guy who owns a Windows Review Site, snitched. Paul Piriform -real name "Paul Avast", thought he could trick Power Users, he did right in this thread, and then failed as Admin, to edit his sweet talk post. "Paul Avast" did't like my advice to save face he could still pull of the con on 66% if he re-adds back the uncheck boxes in 24 hours. Failed to hit the deadline. Paul your in a world of hurt. I have good news Mark Zuckerberg, will buy
  5. Dear Paul Piriform. First change your name you should be Paul Avast, be honest. Then you can save the Piriform name you paid so much for. If you continue to pose as Paul Piriform, people will dislike Piriform. Be Paul Avast and you can save face. Your being vague. Your not answering if your going to re-add all the boxes to uncheck. Address now, because your being bashed by Windows Review Expert Sites. If you don't nobody will even dare to come back. They will already have chosen a replacement they paid for. Avast Anti Virus gives us boxes to uncheck. if you want to run
  6. Good news your going to get your fix. The issue is Avast and their values. Avast on their first attempt at Windows CCleaner Version 5.33 was the Security Incident Hack. A failure, embarrassment. https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2017/9/18/security-notification-for-ccleaner-v5336162-and-ccleaner-cloud-v1073191-for-32-bit-windows-users Repeat last Piriform Version 114. First Avast Version 115. July 2018 Windows CCleaner. Sends a 12 hour heartbeat which reports up to date usage statistics to allow faster delivery of bug fixes & product improvements. Allow use data to be share
  7. First, for the user who has a relationship with, Andrei | CCleaner Support - London, UK, Please post his email. Now the Bad News. July 24 2018 is a sad day for CCleaner Windows Free & Pro Users. Your not going to like what Corporate will want in the next Mac CCleaner. All Avast Anti Virus versions give you an option to uncheck Participate in the Avast Community & uncheck Participate in data sharing. Not CCleaner. Release Notes Windows CCleaner July 24 2018 v545.661 - Removed Windows.old cleaning rule - Fixed a crash in Disk Analyzer - Added more detailed rep
  8. CCleaner Mac 1.15.507 High Sierra Problem 1: Password Nag . CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Exact same reported above with debut of 1.15.507 issue constantly asking for Password. Then does it again. CCleaner wants to make changes. Enter your password to allow this. Happens every session & attempt. Problem 2: Safari Nag. With Safari closed, and never opened this week.Safari needs to close down an internal process it will restart after. Do you wish to continue? Cleaning, reveals Safari -Session 0KB. Happens every session & attempt. Probl
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