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[Possible Fix] v5.42 - Crash when cleaning

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Same problem as everyone else.

Windows 10 Build 1803

Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 h

Ccleaner versions 5.44, 5.43 and 5.42 shut down without an error message after clicking the "Run Cleaner" button.  Scans fine. It just won't clean.

I had to revert to version 5.41 in order for Ccleaner to work again. This is NOT a Kaspersky problem. I tried disabling it and then completely removed it to be certain.

I love Ccleaner and have been using it for years but I won't be giving up my anti-virus program any time soon.

Get this fixed Piriform. It is definitely on you!

Oh yeah, any suggestions for a replacement to Ccleaner?


I found a fix in another thread. image.png.0fe66220478e7142e25dc5b9eea45676.png


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Same here:
ccleaner started with appcrash out of nowhere in Windows 8.1.

Kaspersky does not cause problems with any other program.

CCleaner 5.43 is working with the workaround given by delcarto.  Thank you very much for sharing delcarto!

CCleander 5.44 and 5.45 don't even install. Error messages suggest failure mode in ntdll.dll and other random *.dll in system32.
Luckily I did NOT refresh or reinstall Windows ...  It probably won't help.
Better stick to an older version of ccleaner.  ;-)

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