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Defragmentation? pros and cons!!!


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Defragmentation aimless?
It defrag the disk, and in a moment the next and subsequent fragments and each time the defragmentation takes hours, days (depending on the number of fragments and the size of the files). What to do to ensure that the fragments do not appear, is there any intelligent record that eliminates real-time I / O fragments?
Defragmentation is an important thing only in the case of data recovery, in the speed - it is better not to run the defragmenter because the disk mechanics' wear will be higher and the disk life will be shorter.

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It's not aimless on mechanical hard disks, just a more-or-less necessity especially if Windows is installed on the drive.

If you have a compatible OS that will work properly with SSD then upgrade the OS drive to at least a 256 GB SSD for installing Windows/Linux, etc., and the required software. Then you could use the mechanical hard disk as a secondary backup drive if it has large enough capacity for backups, disk images, music, videos, etc., and others you don't want hogging space on the SSD.

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