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Need Google Chrome Help

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I am running 2 Win 7 Pro PCs and have been using IE11 on both.  I have been finding more and more websites that no longer work properly under IE11, so I installed Chrome V65.0.3325.146 to try it.

I ran into a problem almost immediately trying to paste passwords into various websites on both PCs.  In IE11, I would copy/paste the password (CTRL+c/CTRL+v) with no problem.  In Chrome, when I paste the password into the field, extra, random characters are added which causes the login to fail.  In the attached screen shot, the first 10 characters are the correct password (not a real password I use - example only) but everything after the "3" are added when I paste into Chrome.  IE11 and Firefox do not have this problem.  It also pastes correctly into Notepad.  I installed the ShowPassword extension in Chrome in order to see what was happening which is how I got the screen shot.  I have tried pasting with both CTRL+v and CRTL+Shift+v but get the same results.

I have installed 2 extensions which did not help - Allow Copy and Don't F**k With Paste.

I know that Chrome has an internal password manager but I choose not to use it.

Any idea what is causing this password paste problem and how to fix it?


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