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My new chromebook


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So about 3 weeks ago I was browsing around bestbuy and came across the Samsung Chromebook Pro. At first I was skeptical that a chromebook could have any value to me but when I was playing with the device a few things popped out at me. First the screen is awesome. It is every bit as good as the screens on higher end 4k laptops or an iPad. Its high resolution, bright, and covered in Gorilla Glass so it feels sturdy and responsive to use the touch portion of the device. The second thing that stuck out to me was the build of the device. Its magnesium like the surface pro but it is thinner so it doesn't feel as sturdy as that device. At the same time it doesn't feel like it will flex/bend. 

From an OS and utility stand point I would probably select this over an ipad or even a windows laptop for most people. It is super thing, battery lasts a whole day easily and it has access to all google services and most android apps. It can even run Microsoft's tablet versions of Word/Excel/Powerpoint really well. Those aren't as good as the regular desktop version but I have used them to type papers for my grad school classes and they are perfect for that. I was even able to put the device in "developer mode" pretty easily and then you can install pretty much any Android .apk file. The only one I needed was Apple Music which works pretty well. 

If you are in the market for a tablet I would consider this device. It has the same aspect ratio as an iPad and can be folded over to work like a tablet but at the same time it has a keyboard/trackpad/ and an OS that can do a good bit more since it has access to a desktop version of Chrome. I hadn't used Chrome OS in a while but Google has really done a good job improving it. 


(Also I paid $499 not $599)


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