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chance of duplicates not duplicate

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Hi! I am a newbie, this is my first posting, just wanted to know, if the Duplicate Finder utility within CCleaner says that 2 files are duplicates, what are the chances that the files are not, in fact, duplicates? 
Does it vary with software edition, the size of the files, the number of the files said to be identical, any hidden settings that users might not know about, or any other factors? 
Or are the odds between 1 in a million and 1 in a billion, so I should not concern myself (and all of you) with the issue? How would the odds be properly determined, BTW? 
Thanks - sorry if I am posting in wrong section. 
Peace on Earth, good will to all

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All I can tell you is previously we thought it was detecting duplicates without any sort of verification, Piriform cleared that confusion up stating it did some wizardy to verify that they indeed were.

Now onto dealing with dups, personally I would make a full disk image before using it!

I would NOT let it touch anything inside of these areas:
* AppData folder(s)
* Program Data folder
* Program FIles folder
* Windows operating system folder(s)

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