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Browser Closed Notification

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I keep getting a notification message from CC Cleaner when I close a browser that " The Browser is Closed" can anyone tell me how I can stop this message appearing as it is most frustrating. Thanks


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hello pixie123,


have you the pro-version? and the monitoring enabled?


here the doc:

changing monitoring settings ccleaner professional/browser monitoring



if you dont want this message try:


Automatically clean on closing without notification – CCleaner will clean the browser silently.


ps: perhaps it helps for the cloud version and there are similar settings




you can submit a request too

request to a support staff

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i have looked into the new ccleaner_cloud 1.06 and i think there is no such an option like you want


in my case with ccleaner cloud there are no notifications like "browser is closed" or something



the only one i think is in ccleaner cloud

-> my computers

-> your added pc

-> ccleaner

-> ccleaner

-> options

-> settings

-> "hide warning messages"




can it be you have the offline ccleaner and not the online ccleaner cloud version and you have opened the thread here in the wrong category?

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