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Not deleting registry values


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After uninstalling a trial version of Cloudmark Desktop, I ran CCleaner to scan for issues. It identified 4 ActiveX/COM issues: SpamNetWeb.Browser (and .1)and SpamNetWeb.Cache (and .1). After fixing them, I rescanned and they're still there.


Any ideas how to delete them without having to manually edit the Registry.



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Hi jamjar. Welcome :)


It sounds like 1 of 2 things to me.


Either 1. You aren't logged on as the administrator, or 2. You need to repair your permissions.


Download and launch DAF the medium build.


> click Tools

> click Repair Permissions

> click GO

> reboot (because your computer will be happy)


Light build, which is just Dial-a-fix, and can just do services tweaks and DLL registrations. People who have XP Pro can use Repair Permissions. People who have XP Home must get Medium.


Medium, which is Dial-a-fix plus the secedit package; this allows people who have XP Home to use Repair Permissions.

Let us know if that works :D


Windows Pro Media 8.1 x64  |  8GB Ram  |  500G HDD 7200 RPM  |  All  that I know about my graphics is that it's Intel  :)

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