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I'm running version 1.26.218 with "xp pro sp2", when running the cleaner it keeps starting over!

When I first installed a later version, It worked fine. I hadn't run CCleaner for a while so after bringing the program up, I first updated Then ran v 1.26, thats when I noticed it kept starting over.

I have ran spyware and virus scans, thinking something may be preventing it from running but found nothing.

Pc Cillin is running in backround but this never affected Ccleaner before!

Any Ideas??


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If you're running v 1.26, you're not updated; the newest version is 1.28. I suggest you redownload and re-install CCleaner, and while you're at it get the latest update.


If you don't want the Yahoo toolbar, either uncheck it in the install options or get the Slim or Basic version, which don't include it. To find those: on the front page click Download > Other builds.


If you still have the problem after re-installing, post back here.

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If you're just talking about the progress bar, it's supposed to do that. CCleaner can't tell you how long it's going to take so the progress bar keeps flying through the end, back to the beginning.

Click here if CCleaner Issues are re-appearing



DjLizard.net wiki


Dial-a-fix tips

DjLizard.net software support forum


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