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Improve .NET detection code


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I installed .NET v4.5.2 yesterday but SPECCY fails to recognize that (See the link in my signature at the bottom of this post). SPECCY (v1.29) only recognizes .NET software versions up version v4.5. But MS already has released .NET versions v4.5.1, v4.5.2, v4.6.0, v4.6.1 and v4.6.2.


MS provides a programcode example on how to detect these different versions in the links below.







Time to update SPECCY !!!!!!!

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Please confirm whether CCleaner is still able to show up entries associated to .NET Framework under Tools>Uninstall>..?


It appears as though CCleaner has stopped detecting & retrieving the versions of .NET Framework under the relevant section for Windows10!


Please enrich the functionality of CCleaner in order to serve this Objective.



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- I don't have Win 10 but Ccleaner (v5.21) does report here on my Win 7 system that that one .NET version (v4.5.2) has been installed.

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- Ooooops. It seems that SPECCY is already able to detect .NET software versions v4.6. See the link below. But SPECCY doesn't make a distinction between versions v4.5, v4.5.1 and v4.5.2. In all three cases SPECCY simply reports "v4.5". SPECCY only reports the main version(s).

- I still would like to see that SPECCY provides more details on that .NET software.




(I was trying to help someone on the "Sysnative" help forums and then this snapshot was posted).

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