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  1. Aren't there PUPs or PUMs deployed for this very purpose? Shouldn't apps like 'Malwarebytes' catch hold of such inner/insidious murmurings? I don't use any firewall as these add to the overall latency of a connection/network.
  2. Hello there! Please suggest on how to keep these surreptitious & insidious adverts at bay ? Have scoured the "Options" under CCleaner & nothing relevant could be found there !? What really is causing these to appear at first place ? Inputs will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi hazelnut ! Iam sorry...my fault. Didn't notice that before. & by the way, Thank you so very much for coming up with the Latest release devoid of Privacy sneak-peek pangs. :-) All the very Best! …& keep going.
  4. Please also demystify this - 'Update prompt' despite our adverse configuration towards 'system monitoring' & 'active monitoring' !?
  5. Piriform must emphasize on - ' Sportsmanship ' rather than gamesmanship on this topic ! Treat all your Global users as equal ! & offer us the 'privilege' to Opt-out. Thank you.
  6. Hi there ! Please refer to the enclosed pictorial description & help address the respective concern. Iam unable to Opt-out of these compulsions ! ...& don know why ? Have you singled out 32-bit users to thrust upon such a coercion ?? Inputs are awaited.... Thanks.
  7. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 9/19/17 Scan Time: 12:48 PM Log File: MBAM.txt Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.160 Update Package Version: 1.0.2839 License: Free -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 15063.483) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS File: 1 Trojan.Floxif, C:\PROGRAM FILES\CCLEANER\CCLEANER.EXE, No Action By User, [8820], [436381],1.0.2839
  8. Hello folks! Pl refer to the enclosed error description & help reveal a more insight to this trouble. The same has been witnessed for the very first time after installing (may be a coincidental conflict!) - OOFiledirect application. Using CCleaner's Latest version on my Win 7 PC. Inputs will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hello Folks! Please refer to the attached Pictorial description, & help clear this dilemma -- that Why CCleaner's operation on Win 10, 64-Bit edition is never able to clock 0MB removed!? Why CCleaner is falsely projecting a frivolous cleaning for IE when the same is never accessed & used at first place? Why's the CCleaner's Clock is STUCK at 5MB removed, 5MB removed.....on a forever basis!?...& never able to show up 0MB removed?? Iam using the Latest version of CCleaner 5.24.5841 & eagerly waiting for your 'Best-ever-formula' to project the Ultimate score of -----"0MB removed"! Is the Wait worth for ???
  10. Thank you to all! I'll be better placed on ignoring these values! :-) Let Go!
  11. Hello Folks! Thanks for the above Inputs. I have "Upgraded" to the Latest release & yet these leftovers fail to go away! I remember that within Win XP -- CCleaner often used to portray 0MB removed at the end!..but that's not with Win 10!? How can one be convinced over a thorough cleaning then? Help suggest further in this regard. Thanks.
  12. Hello folks! Please refer to the attached Screenshot & help suggest further in this regard. Iam using the Latest version of CCleaner of my Win 10, 64-bit OS. This --"6MB removed" value continues to sustain regardless of the number of attempts made towards System cleaning! I have never witnessed 0MB removed! Can someone please help explain this anomaly to me? Inputs are keenly awaited. Thanks.
  13. Hello Nergal! The link you have posted against 'Absolute' have returned the following message instead! Please "Update" in this regard....
  14. Hello Hazelnut! & what about the 'anomaly' getting evident with "Don't ask me again" prompt? This should be able to Terminate any such stray instances/databases on its own rather than inflicting a SKIP against the thorough Cleaning process! Any Inputs please?
  15. Hello Nergal & mta! I would also like to apprise that running Defragmentation under SAFE-Mode of Windows also tinkers with 'Recovery Drive' as well! Though the % continues to depict as 0% fragmented, yet the respective Defragmentation continue to proceed ahead with a Real-time Updates over amount of time left! Is 0% fragmentation a False positive? OR Defragmentation of Recovery-drive is the greater of the two Lies? :-) Please suggest?
  16. Hello Nergal! & those would be.....? Please help suggest on the 'Most Popular' ones! Thanks.
  17. Hello Members! Have run the Latest version of Defraggler an umpteen times within Win 10, but the JINX of 5% Fragmentation continues to sustain. Similar meticulous attempts have also been made within SAFE-Mode of Win 10, but 5% of Fragmentation continues to linger on..& on! Can someone please help guide on the Holy-sermon to dispel the JINX of 5% forever Fragmentation? Help will be sincerely appreciated. PS::: Defragmentation is able to complete 100% at 100% of times, but Re-analysis of the C: drive have always-always indicated--- "5% Fragmentation"!
  18. Yes, I would like to substantiate this frequent Observation as well! Also, if "Don't ask me again" within that prompt is checked, CCleaner starts skipping the Internet-History cleaning for Edge & IE. "Don't ask me again" should resort to automatic termination of any such stray instances of Edge & IE...rather than 'Skipping' the Cleaning process from there on! Don know what really keeps such Stray instances open in the background even when these 'Delinquents' are left untouched!?
  19. Hello Members! CCleaner>Tools>Uninstall.. have stopped portraying the existing installations associated to .NET Framework within Windows 10. Please equip/enrich the functionality of CCleaner to start portraying such Installations again! Thanks.
  20. "Adjust Clear Type text" is feature which might help somewhat in this regard!..though most of the options offered within this Screen appear to portray the same quality & illumination of Text. Why have the simplest of things have now been transformed to such a complexity? For post WinXP versions, these settings ought to be supplemented with 'Instant Preview' feature to help visualize & foresee the imminent Outcome! Why should the end Users be made to fiddle with the scale of Text-size, & that too for only the fragments of Screen? Its Weird you see....!?
  21. Hello login123, The final screenshot is a handiwork of the Author/ or probably some other active member of that Community. This is how he narrated things to me. :-) Thanks.
  22. Thanks to all Dear members! I have been able to retrieve the reply from the Author's Blog, & here it goes for the common Good! Mission accomplished. :-)
  23. Hello Members! Gave a shot to uninstalling the 'Clover' & 'ProgDVB' using CCleaner. Both have installation directories within C:Program Files(x86). Uninstallation didn't get me rid of these 2 Orphan folders! I had to manually uninstall these on my own. Therefore, please review the functioning of CCleaner towards uninstalling Apps within Windows 10, or atleast prompt the Users beforehand to look for the remnants on their own! :-) Thanks.
  24. Please confirm whether CCleaner is still able to show up entries associated to .NET Framework under Tools>Uninstall>..? It appears as though CCleaner has stopped detecting & retrieving the versions of .NET Framework under the relevant section for Windows10! Please enrich the functionality of CCleaner in order to serve this Objective. Thanks.
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