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I ran full defrag, got exact same fragmentation levels...

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EDIT: I should have noted that I have infact looked through the help docs. Not much there on any of these symptoms. :)


Hi guys and gals. I will try to make this as painless as possible. :)

That said, everything that I am about to post may have importance to the final solution, so I would much appricate it if you where willing to read the entire post.


I ran Defraggler on "Full Defrag" to the tune of almost 8 hours of time. It stated 49% fragmentation before. After the program had finished, it showed... 49%. I know that I am not supposed to let it get that far along... I have already beaten myself up about that LOL.


I ran an analize after to check, and it came up with 10%. However, I did not settle well with just an analize, so I ran a full defrag again. As soon as it was done building a file list, it stated 26%.


If I may ask, has anyone ever delt with this type of problem before? Any decent solution.


Now the obvious, system specs....

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

HDD: Single, no extra partitions. (so no dual boot... yet.)



Total: 465.7GB

Used: 160.1GB (But that changes during Defrag... I really dont know what to say about that one :( )

Free: 305.6GB


Now, despite the changes in drive space, the strange amount of fragmentation that never seems to stay the same, there are a few other issues.

Startup time is crazy slow. Now, I am not new to this game. I have been a developer for more years than I can remember (mostly hobby), and I have worked I.T. at least as long (freelance). That is not to brag, its to give you an idea of why the above is driving me crazy.


Checks so far...

Startup applications are pretty normal. Even with Avast (the largest boot hog) taken out of the equasion, startup time doesnt change a lot.

No strange services.

As for malware... nothing could have survived the number of scans that I did, and the few who could will not have been able to get through my manual checks. Lets just say I used every major scan and tool in (my) book.


Despite the slow startup time, that is the only thing that is slow. Everything else runs like a dream. You would think that if it where software related, the problem would extend past startup.

Once the OS is loaded, there is no problem getting the accounts to load at average speeds.



So you guys (and gals) can see why I am confused.

I wish to say thank you for reading if you got this far, and thank you for any information that may or may not lead to a possible solution.

Also sorry for my terrible spelling. I am typing a lot faster than I should be right now, and have not thought to proof read thus far.



I also wanted to give my personal thanks for the wonderful software. I have been using Defraggler and CCleaner for years, ever sense I learned about their existance.

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