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xp media center edition 2005


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hi fans,


perhaps there is someone who is familiar with ...


i have mce 2005 rollup 2 installed, but there is sp2 and with this conditions i cant take any updates for mce. therefore i installed sp3 and it goes without problems... after this, i have access to updates for xp with sp3 and mce. funnily enough comes this update again "rollup 2"


ps: with sp3 goes bootup and shutdown faster, similar with normal xp with integrated sp3 but my pc sometimes crashes with firefox but not with ie.


my questions:

1) is there a native sp3 for xp mce 2005 rollup2? (i think, xp mce 2005 rollup2 with sp2 is the last mce with xp...)?

2) should i deinstall sp3?

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