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Defrag AND move of data files


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Running Server 2012 Standard with hardware raid for a small parochial school which has no extra money.

Trying to resize partitions to test virtualization.

Used Defraggler to optimize the drive which is 638 GB w/500 GB free.

Watching the display, i could tell the data at the end of the drive was not getting moved which is stopping "shrink volume" from working.

I could move the data to another drive but the metadata files & the Microsoft file table don't budge.

There is a SysInternals tool that talks about defragging the metadata files ($logfile & $MFT are the two files causing my problem) but does not move them.

I can remember MANY years ago PC Tools would defrag & move the data to the front of the drive.


Until I can get the a defragging tool to also move data, I am stuck with this large free space that I cannot shrink.


I am almost to the point of spending $499.00 for a M$ support line call.




Thanks - Dennis

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Yes I did.

That was the easiest thing to use, not realizing files are not move up to the front of the drive.

Which was another assumption I made based on past experience.

The SyInternals tool I used is Contig.exe.

It does just what the name suggests.

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I presume that you are aware that restore points usually land smack in the drive's middle, so before defragging for repartitioning I delete all of them along with paging file and hibernates cos they don't get moved.

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