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  1. That is something I didn't think about. I will give it a try later today once my teachers & students have left. Thanks - Dennis
  2. Yes I did. That was the easiest thing to use, not realizing files are not move up to the front of the drive. Which was another assumption I made based on past experience. The SyInternals tool I used is Contig.exe. It does just what the name suggests.
  3. Running Server 2012 Standard with hardware raid for a small parochial school which has no extra money. Trying to resize partitions to test virtualization. Used Defraggler to optimize the drive which is 638 GB w/500 GB free. Watching the display, i could tell the data at the end of the drive was not getting moved which is stopping "shrink volume" from working. I could move the data to another drive but the metadata files & the Microsoft file table don't budge. There is a SysInternals tool that talks about defragging the metadata files ($logfile & $MFT are the two files causing my p
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