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Gates calls for the end of passwords


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Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates used his RSA Security conference keynote Tuesday to outline a future where passwords have gone the way of the dinosaur, multi-factor authentication is the norm and cyberspace functions within a "trust ecosystem."


Gates said trust ecosystems exist in the physical world, where those who break the trust can suffer a damaged reputation or be convicted of a crime. He said the concept must be extended to the Internet through more trustworthy code and devices, and outlined steps the software giant is taking to get there.


"Passwords are the weak link," Gates told his audience. "We need to move in the direction of smart cards, and multi-factor authentication must be built into the system itself. We need the ability to track what goes on and have a built-in recovery system."




Source: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/origi...1166552,00.html

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Yeah, but that would have the disadvantage of maybe removing privacy/anonymity.


That was exactly what I was thinking!


We need the ability to track what goes on

Hmm... I wonder what he means by that? :rolleyes:

Save a tree, eat a beaver.

Save a tree, wipe with an owl.


Every time a bell rings, a thread gets hijacked!

ding, ding!


Give Andavari lots of money and maybe even consider getting K a DVD-RW drive.


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Yeah, I think tracking is stupid, I hate tracking.

I like to block cookies and ads, because they have no business know anything about me.


I also like to register on different forums with different names, and authenticate to different stuff with different usernames.


I would hate if something required a smart-card to login to.


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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