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Erase free space has filled up my hard drive


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I've been running the erase free space utility since yesterday, and I've just now gotten a notice by my mac that the hard drive is full. The operation is not complete it looks like, so is this a temporary thing until the operation finalizes, or is this a problem?


The operation has done 35 passes and is now on pass 9 of creating a secondary temp file. 


I appreciate any help or recommendations. 



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Next time just use 1 pass :)


Maybe he has a couple of TOP secret (photos/ clips/ docs enc) files on his system and really needs to overwrite  :D .


Isn't 2 passes better then 1 ?

And yes will agree with anyone more then 2 times is overkill, unless you are the NSA, CIA and the rest of the alphabet.


After you terminate CCleaner or reboot your pc,  one can only delete the massive tmp file that it creates ;) .

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