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Does anyone know how to erase this file? It is clogging my whole CCleaner use. It has a long number after it, which I will gladly share with anyone who knows what to do with it.


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Hello. You don't need to create two seperate threads about the same problem.

Here's the other one: http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=37663


Which versions of

- Windows

- CCleaner

- IE

are you using?


Have you tried rebooting? How about reinstalling CCleaner or tried the portable version?


Running SFC creates CBS logs -> Link

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To see the cbs files you will have to select show hidden files and folders, and also untick the option to hide protected operating system files in the view tab of Folder Options (It is best to restore these back after you have finished)


They are at C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. You can delete the logs but don't delete the folder.


The persist bit happens after the logs get to a certain size and the old ones are kept and a new one it made.


To view contents of the log (should you feel you have to) you may have to run notepad as an admin and select' all files'' (as .txt. is the default)then navigate to the the address above.


Support contact




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