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Windows 8 Metro Apps (specially IE10 and other explorers)


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I think that the new metro interface of IE10 has different location for its cookies/preferences/history than the desktop version of that explorer.


When searching/watching videos in YouTube they give you recommendations. I've cleaned "history" within the options of the Metro version of IE10 but of course that doesn't delete cookies. I've runned CCleaner and after that the problem persists, I keep getting those recommended videos, which means there are some files/cookies that CCleaner doesn't actually delete.


That problem doesn't happen when I enter youtube from the desktop version of IE10, I don't get recommendations related to my searches


I've been searching around %appdata% but I didn't find those files :/ However, I think that all the metro apps get located here:



Mind adding that feature (cleaning metro versions of internet brosers) to your next updates?


IE10 and chrome have already a metro version. Mozilla only in Nighty build.



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Hi, the community has begun work on cleaning the Windows Store Cache and I think (if the Devs don't get there first) we'll begin work on your suggestion soon (the hard part of this one is that it's a crapshoot as to weather clearing a cache for apps will cause problems for particular apps)


as far as nightly and betas, ccleaner rarely if ever covers those.

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