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unable to found samsung internal memory drive

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because your computer doesn't see it as a drive, it sees it as a media-transfer-device (MTP)

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Hi babshow.


I've just been looking at the technical specs for your phone ...


Memory ▲

User memory: 14MB

External memory: Support microSDHC™ memory card(up to 16GB)




Are you trying to recover from the 14mb of user memory, or do you have a "microSDHC™ memory card" in there?


If the latter, you will be able to scan a memory card if you remove it from the phone.


Welcome to the forum by the way.

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I had the same issue this evening, but it was indeed due to the mounting "mode" MTP. This is the default mounting mode when you simply plug the cable on your PC.


You have to unplug your Samsung and go to the main Menu to select Settings > Wireless and network > USB settings > Mass Storage. (Sorry if not 100% correct, but mine in in french). It will prompt you there to plug the cable and you will see next, at least, one new removable Disk appearing on your PC...


You may then try to recover your files...


By the way, it's my first post here and I come to report an issue with the recovery of pictures on my Samsung Galaxy SII... The recovered pictures are corrupted while they can correctly be recovered by CardRecovery or Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery... (I will create a new post to discuss this ;)



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