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a few questions

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1. Is it possible to schedule just freespace defrag?


2. I now have DF setup to move the large files with cetain extensions (movies) to the end of the drive: assuming that means to the innermost edge of the platter(s). That seems to work great when I actually run the GUI (defraggler.exe); but I think when I run with the scheduler (df.exe) it is placing those files back to where they are contiguous with the other files. I will test this further this weekend to make sure I am not imagining it.


Another part of my question about the movement of large files, is it possible to set DF so that "large" files can mean more than one size? What I mean by that is there a possible way to move say movie files that are 100MB or larger, and set it to move large .mdb datebase files that are say 50MB or larger. Hope I'm making sense here.


3. Final question is really not about DF at all, but I question I have about the MFT. I have noticed on my secondary drive that it has two $MFT listed. This drive has fairly large files, but the total number of files is not that many. I've searched to see if there should be more than one MFT but have come up empty.


Thanks for advise.

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3) Are you running Vista or Win7?

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