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  1. Windows 7 Tried to uninstall CC today (not because of new UI). I noticed that this new version did not show up in Revo Uninstaller. Thinking that was odd so I checked Control Panel and it was there. I decided to uninstall/reinstall; but going through Control Panel it only removes the Control Panel entry. CC remains fully installed and functioning. Nothing else has happened. IF this is something as a result of the new version of CC, then that really pisses me off. BTW, I have been a CC user almost since it was first introduced, and have been happy and encouraged others to use it. But I fully expect any program I use to allow me to remove it without problem. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, XP3, all updates.
  3. 1. Is it possible to schedule just freespace defrag? 2. I now have DF setup to move the large files with cetain extensions (movies) to the end of the drive: assuming that means to the innermost edge of the platter(s). That seems to work great when I actually run the GUI (defraggler.exe); but I think when I run with the scheduler (df.exe) it is placing those files back to where they are contiguous with the other files. I will test this further this weekend to make sure I am not imagining it. Another part of my question about the movement of large files, is it possible to set DF so that "large" files can mean more than one size? What I mean by that is there a possible way to move say movie files that are 100MB or larger, and set it to move large .mdb datebase files that are say 50MB or larger. Hope I'm making sense here. 3. Final question is really not about DF at all, but I question I have about the MFT. I have noticed on my secondary drive that it has two $MFT listed. This drive has fairly large files, but the total number of files is not that many. I've searched to see if there should be more than one MFT but have come up empty. Thanks for advise.
  4. rabbit


    Thanks, it is the Temp Internet Files being checked in CCleaner that is removing the favicons. So next question is does anyone know of a way to still clean the temp files w/o losing the favicons? Have not tried any of this with Firefox yet. Thanks
  5. rabbit


    Have used CCleaner for several years now, very happy with it. Don't really know if this is CCleaner related or not. Have IE8 and CCleaner 3.14.1616 and it "seems" since updating CC that I am now losing most, but not all of my favicons. Did a search on the forum but most posts related to favicon are very dated. Any idea if this is related to CC, and if so is there a trick to allow me to keep the favicons? I know reloading the page brings them back. Thanks, and Happy New Year
  6. So in your example what CCleaner portable is doing is removing Recently Opened Files from Adobe or Foxit or Office, whatever is checked, and leaving an empty registry entry; am I correct? Just doing its job for the items I have checked. Hope I'm reading the example correct, so far with the CCleaner I have installed on my computers it has never corrupted anything.
  7. I'm probably at the senior senility stage; BUT I think I can avoid launching them both at once. My main interest with the portable install is to help out friends who ask for assistance on their computers, could show them what it does and insist they do a local install of it and use it. Thanks for the replies.
  8. So if I run the portable version on a machine with a local install of CC I don't have to worry with it changing the ccleaner.ini on that machine? Thanks
  9. Hi all, two things I want to find out before playing around with the portable CCleaner. 1. If I use a portable install of CCleaner on a computer that has CCleaner installed on its hard drive, will running the portable version mess with the .ini or any other settings of the install on the host machine? I recall reading something about that on the PortableApps forums. 2. Reading this forum post: Does portable CCleaner need to access the registry on the host machine at all?
  10. rabbit

    USB 3.0

    Anyone out there have new enough hardware to be using USB 3.0? I would like to hear real users experience with external hard drives and systems/motherboards that make use of the new standard. I read that speed is much faster, but often those are tests w/o the overhead/load that is in use with real users. Thanks
  11. Thanks so much, got rid of Yahoo toolbar and will do AVG tommorrow. Again I think community forums are the best source of reliable information.
  12. Well I have gone into regedit and removed every entry I could find for YahooToolbar and did a reboot, but it still shows up in CCleaner (haven't done anything for AVG yet). Also did a scan with Glary Registry tool and removed what was listed as invalid entries. Do I need to uninstall/reinstall CCleaner? Thanks for the words about Security Essentials; I liked AVG, but seemed to be a resource hog.
  13. I have uninstalled with Revo the Yahoo Toolbar and also AVG virus software; but both still show up under the Applications tab in CCleaner. How do I go about removing those entries? Thanks BTW; anyone have opinions as to MS Security Essentials vs. AVG Free, with respect to catching the bad stuff? (I'll post in different sub-forum if this is wrong place).
  14. rabbit

    Log file

    Does Defraggler create a log file after a defrag telling what files did not get completely defragged etc, like what PerfectDisk does? If not this is really needed. Please let me know if I am just overlooking this. Thanks
  15. Is there anyway to have Defraggler run a scheduled defrag on just a folder or group of files?
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