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Google Chrome Cache Skipped

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I've been using CCleaner for years and have enjoyed the program, but recently after I upgraded to the current v3.18.1707 from v3.17.1689 it skips emptying Google Chrome Internet Cache. I always close my browser and wait 5 min prior to running CCleaner. It's always worked before and cleaned the internet cache, but now just skips cleaning file.



I uninstalled v3.18.1707 and re-installed v3.17.1689 and still have the same problem no matter how many times I hit analyze and clean, it continues to skip the Google Chrome Internet Cache.


I have not changed anything on my computer or added any programs, this just started happening after I did the upgrade to CCleaner v3.18.1707


Suggestions anyone??


Computer Stats:

Win XP Pro SP3

Intel Core 2 CPU T5500 1.66Hz


Mobile Intel 945 Chipset Family

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nodles After I close my Chrome browser I'll open Task Mgr to see if anything from chrome.exe is running. Do I just end all chrome.exe processes? Will that mess anything when I go to open my browser after I end all the running processes and run CCleaner?

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This solved the problem for me: When you close Chrome, dont use the x at the top right of your tab. Use Chrome's menu. Scroll to 'exit' and close the program that way.  Otherwise chrome stays in memory. 


This doesn't solve the same problem with CCleaner on one of my PCs.


I checked with Process Explorer that no process with company name Google Inc. is running in background but despite it CCleaner still says: Google Chrome - Internet Cache - Skipped.


I haven't checked in Google Chrome Settings option "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed".


Suggestions anyone?

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I solved it myself: I uninstalled CCleaner and clean installed it again. Problem disappeared.


Please correct this bug in CCleaner updating process. It is evident that something went wrong when updating CCleaner. Problem wasn't connected with Google Chrome at all.

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If you were/are on v5 of CC than its one of the currently known problems with the latest version.

Let me see if I remember them all;


Updating (have to uninstall & reinstall)

Languages other than English


External HHDs showing as SSDs


I think there was one more...

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
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