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  1. Thanks nodles After I close my Chrome browser I'll open Task Mgr to see if anything from chrome.exe is running. Do I just end all chrome.exe processes? Will that mess anything when I go to open my browser after I end all the running processes and run CCleaner?
  2. I've been using CCleaner for years and have enjoyed the program, but recently after I upgraded to the current v3.18.1707 from v3.17.1689 it skips emptying Google Chrome Internet Cache. I always close my browser and wait 5 min prior to running CCleaner. It's always worked before and cleaned the internet cache, but now just skips cleaning file. I uninstalled v3.18.1707 and re-installed v3.17.1689 and still have the same problem no matter how many times I hit analyze and clean, it continues to skip the Google Chrome Internet Cache. I have not changed anything on my computer or adde
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