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Vista: System Indexer - CiFiles

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We notice that CCleaner is not cleaning files out of a folder in the following location:



Vista Administrators are not able do delete or alter the files in this folder. File types listed are as follows: CI File, DIR File, WID File, Microsoft Works Portfolio file, 000 File, 001 File (numbers increase based on date of the file), DIA File, etc.


Another set of files that remain undetected by CCleaner are in a folder at the following location:


File types are listed as CRWL File. Again, Vista Administrators cannot delete or alter these files.


Picking these files up using Piriform Defraggler which let a user go the the folder of files it picks up in a routine.


Microsoft and Big Brother are devising new ways to monitor and surveil all of us. Having software that will remove things is worth its weight in platinum.


Thanks to the team at Piriform for its efforts to keep computers clean and safe!

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I think you will find that usually, either Cedrick Collomb's Unlocker program will be able to remove it, or that you can remove the "System" attribute from the file(s) you wish to delete using Pete Romainges Attribute Changer program.


Be sure that you do either from an Admin account with full access priviledges.

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