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CCleaner Mac deletes important files

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I used the default settings for this program and executed a clean-up operation. Ccleaner proceeded to delete many temporary files. Unfortunately, "temporary files" is exactly where Parallels (http://http://www.parallels.com/) stores its data files. In other words, ccleaner destroyed my Parallels virtual machine.


The specific folders that Parallels use are in /private/tmp. For example, my virtual machine is for Windows 7 with three disk partitions C: D: and E:. Parallels places the disk data in three directories





The number 483 changes often. I don't know if there are other important files in /private/tmp. Believe me, the three folders that I have listed are important.


I hope that you find this bug report to be useful.

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If you're using Parallels on your Mac. run fast and run far from CCleaner!

A better solution might be to Analyze first and exclude what you consider important - especially with a Beta release.

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If you use the free ClamXav antivirus product it also deletes the clamd.socket file in /private/tmp and stops ClamXav Sentry working. I know this is free and beta but these are fundamental errors - doesn't seem to have been thought through - "let the user test it for us" springs to mind. Have flagged to ClamXav people as well.

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Perhaps the problem is that DOS invented TEMP as something to be cleaned at every startup because only worthless temporary junk got dumped there for a few minutes,

and M.S. Windows as fostered the tradition that if you want to keep something then temporary folders are the last place to hold it.


When a Windows application is crippled because it's Temp files are deleted I think what stupid application developers.

Fortunately most Windows developers are not that stupid.


Does Apple have a different purpose for "tmp" ?

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It sounds like it, Alan. It leads me to believe that the whole "anything you do will void your warranty" mac style of maintenance has lead developers to just not put anything where it should be, figuring no one will touch their temp folders.


That is unless applications for mac just wont work when these files are placed in the program's directory, and I don't know if there is something akin to 'Application Data' on mac.

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