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Publish Snapshot URL Problem?!?


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Three days ago, I published the specs for 2 of my PCs. I copied the URLs into my profile signature lines of a couple technical forums, including here. All was well until today.


I happened to click on the link for my Win7 Pro x64 laptop and it was displaying the specs of a WinXP Home system that I had never seen before. I should have been smart enough to copy this URL, but I wasn't. :(


I have published a new spec for this laptop and updated the URLs in the signature lines, including on this forum.


I will continue to monitor, but I was just wondering if there was a (known) problem with the random URLs generated by Speccy when specs are published? Is there the possibility of unintended duplication?



Win10 Pro x64 Desktop (Speccy) - Win10 Pro x64 Laptop (Speccy)

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